Protocol events
Organization of official and business visits, negotiations at the highest and highest levels, as well as bilateral meetings, interaction with government bodies and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The general organization of business meetings and negotiations of the company's management (top officials of the organization) with partners, as well as receptions of official delegations.

  • Planning, organization and provision of business visits of company executives (top officials of the organization) abroad and to the regions of Kazakhstan.
  • Organization of protocol events: receptions, presentations, solemn signing of contracts and agreements, etc.
  • The introduction of uniform rules of the protocol and the monitoring of their implementation.
  • Organization of the negotiation process in the company, in the organization.
  • Development of a corporate style (taking into account the norms of the protocol), monitoring its maintenance.
  • Formation and maintenance of biographical files, updating the lists of clients and partners.
  • Formation and management of the gift fund of the head. Preparation and delivery of gifts from the company or organization.
  • Liaising with units. Relationship of a protocol service with other services and external organizations:
  • Transport Group.
  • Security Service.
  • PR (Advertising Group).
  • Catering Group, etc.

Protocol requirements for the reception of foreign delegations, working meetings, official and informal visits:

Protocol attributes: anthem, coat of arms, flag and protocol business accessories.

Stay program.

Negotiation table.

Seating Rules.

Types of tricks.

Cultural events.

Etiquette of meetings and negotiations:

  • Gifts, souvenirs, flowers in the work of the protocol service.
  • Kazakhstani practice and foreign traditions
  • Preparing for a meeting of business partners.
  • Meeting guests at the airport.
  • Representation of delegation members, delivery of flowers.
  • Seating by car.
  • The device to the hotel.
  • Organization of a cultural program.
  • Preparation and conduct of business negotiations.
  • Decoration of the meeting room.
  • Seating at the negotiating table.
  • Participation of the secretary in the negotiations: work in the reception room, recording.
Business events
Meetings of governing bodies (Management Board, Board of Directors, Council of the Association, etc.), Coordination Councils, committees and commissions, as well as the organization of presentations, press conferences and other events

Preparation of recommendations for developing an event format program.

Develop an event management script.

Preparation and design of the venue.

Production of handouts.

Information and image support.

Organizational and technical support.

Congress events
Conferences, summits, forums, seminars, exhibitions ("turnkey" holding)
  • Planning, budgeting and financial management, calculation of the size of organizational fees.
  • Marketing of events, as well as their promotion using the existing updated client base (more than 5,000 contacts).
  • Congress website: creation, content, technical support, development of the Congress logo.
  • Registration of participants: acceptance of online applications, abstracts, organization fees and other payments (including payments by credit cards), document flow.
  • Design, printing and distribution of Congress materials, forming a participant’s portfolio.
  • Optimization of the process of selecting a conference room and equipment, organization of simultaneous translation.
  • Planning and building halls.
  • Organization of registration and information desk, coordination of staff during the congress.
  • Selection of hotels, visa support, transfers, organization of social and excursion programs.
  • Catering services: coffee breaks, lunches, banquets, receptions.
  • Search and attract target audience and focus groups.
  • Work with sponsors and the media.
  • Creative ideas for formal ceremonies.
  • Prepare presentation videos.
  • Providing video and photo documentation.
  • Design and creation of exhibition stands, including related services.
  • Design and engineering, manufacturing and installation of stands of any complexity, technical support of events.
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